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Please select chess subject you wish to improve. will generate a set of puzzles for you to work on. You can visit us again and again, and every time you will get a new set of chess problems. Enjoy, improve and see you in the next tournament.

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Double attack | Double check | Pin | Skewers | Fork | Knight Fork | Luring-Decoy | Clearance | Discovery | Discovered attack | Diversion | Eliminating the defence | Perpetual Check | Stalemate | Queen sacrifice | Sacrifice | Attack Castle | Attack on the king | Mating with queen | Zugzwang | King and pawn ending | Pawn ending | Eighth-back Rank | Rook endgame | Endgame strategy | Passing Pawn | Mixed

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Featured tournaments

Armenian Genocide Memorial Chess Tournament 2017  

Armenian Genocide Memorial Chess Tournament 2017

2017-09-24 - 2017-09-24
Toronto, Canada


List of participants | Register Here

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