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Armenian Genocide Memorial Chess Tournament 2018  |  List of participants

The following players pre-registered under relevant sections.

Please note "Pay Now" link becomes available after the tournament admin verifies the registration.

Active CFC membership is assumed
(please see CFC website if you still have to pay membership dues:

Additional Notes:
- Please allow us 12 hours to update your tournament fee payment status on our website.

- To be eligible for self-check-in a player should've paid participation fee online and, in the case of Rated Group player, have active standing at CFC. Qualified players will receive email with login instruction. Please check you email (including junk mailbox as sometime emails end up in the wrong place) to proceed with self-check-in.

- Please advise us if you recently have renewed your CFC membership as it might take some time for CFC to update the database we are using
Rated (ratings as of 16 June 2018)
N Section CFC# Expiry Player Rating Active Rating Name Tag Payment
1 Open 100294 01/12/2099 Dougherty Michael, FM 2238 2182 Download PDF  
2 Open 150629 01/10/2018 Tonakanian Stephan 2090 2039 Download PDF   Pay Now 
3 Open 156079 01/07/2018 Atanasov Anthony 2067 1919 Download PDF   Pay Now 
4 Open 0 Carlos Enrique Alarcon Landaeta, IM 0 0 Download PDF   Pay Now 
5 U1600 157721 01/08/2018 Srinivas Atharva 1610 1374 Download PDF  
6 U1600 162711 01/03/2018 Men Jacky 1141 1344 Download PDF  
7 U1600 155457 01/10/2018 Ettibaryan Levon 1006 981 Download PDF   Pay Now 
8 U1600 155462 01/10/2018 Ettibaryan Hovanes 777 1003 Download PDF   Pay Now 
9 U1600 167784 Baker Ryan 0 0 Download PDF   Pay Now 
10 U1600 0 Hovsepyan Tigran 0 0 Download PDF   Pay Now 
11 U1600 0 Singh Gurlal 0 0 Download PDF   Pay Now 

N Player Name Tag Payment
1 Aghababyan Ernest Download PDF   Pay Now 
2 Aydinyan Vahagn Download PDF   Pay Now 
3 Grigoryan Anahit Download PDF  
4 Tchalikian Vahan Download PDF   Pay Now 

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The ratings shown above are subject to change as per updates at Canadian Chess Federation (CFC) website.
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