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Armenian Genocide Memorial Chess Tournament 2018  |  Prizes

Guaranteed $3000 CAD in Prizes, Trophies and Medals. Please note while prize fund is guaranteed, the distribution of the prize funds is subject to change. The final distribution will be determined based on the number of subsections and ties in the final results. We can only guarantee allocation of the funds for the winners of respective sections. No player may win more than one cash prize in the tournament. Best players will be determined by their performance ratings. In case of point equality, trophy and medals will be awarded according the tie brakes Preliminary distribution of the prize fund:



Category Prize Fund
Chess-To-Remember 2017 Trophy - NamePlate
The Winner 600
2nd Place 350
3rd Place 210
4th Place 120
5th Place 70


Category Prize Fund
1st Place 330
2nd Place 200
3rd Place 120
4th Place 70
5th Place 40


Category Prize Fund
1st Place 190
2nd Place 110
3rd Place 60
4th Place 40
5th Place 20


Category Prize Fund
1st Place 50
2nd Place 30
3rd Place 20

Other categories

Category Prize Fund
Best junior player 60
Best female player 50
Best Homenetmen player 50

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