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   Vulnerability in the opening
   Opening advantage
   Positional improvement
   Complex calculations
   Double attack
   Twofold attack
   Double check
   Defend double attack
   Knight Fork
   Defending against a pin
   Discovered attack
   Attack and capture
   Bishop vs knight
   Eliminating the defence
   Weak pawns
   Profitable exchange
   Advantage in the ending
   Material advantage
   Perpetual Check
   Thinking ahead
   Defend against mate
   Strong square
   Queen sacrifice
   King's attack
   Check and getting out of check
   Attack Castle
   Attack on the king
   Mating with queen
   Mating with rook
   Mating with bishop
   Mating with knight
   Mating with pawn
   Chasing and aiming
   Intermediate move
   King and pawn ending
   Pawn ending
   The rook pawn
   Seventh rank
   Eighth-back Rank
   Rook endgame
   Rook against pawn
   Queen against pawn
   Queen and minor piece
   Pawn race
   Open file
   Endgame strategy
   Using pawns
   Passing Pawn
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