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Tournaments  |  Genocide Awareness Chess Tournament 2023

Welcome to Chess to Remember, 2023 - Genocide Awareness Chess Tournament
Genocide Awareness Chess Tournament 2023  

Genocide Awareness Chess Tournament 2023

Toronto, Canada

List of participants | Registration is Closed

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Dear Chess players,

We regret to inform that we have decided to reschedule the Chess-to-Remember tournament initially set for December 3, 2023.
The goal of the tournament is to raise awareness about past genocides, war crimes and crimes against humanity, thus, prevent future occurrences. Current horrifying events around the globe, including ethnic cleansing in Artsakh, indicate that we collectively have failed this mission. We have decided to postpone and reschedule the tournament to next year as currently unfolding events require rather active form of protests and chess tournament is falling short to the urgency of the situation.
The new date of the Chess-to-Remember tournament will be announced later on our and CFC website.

We would like to thank you for supporting the cause and your interest in participating in the Chess-to-Remember.

Peace to All!

Chess-to-Remember team
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