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Vedi-Alco More about Vedi-Alco
Vedi-Alco The descendant of centuries-old winemaking experience of Armenia is “Vedi-Alco” company, which includes 2 large enterprises: the Getap wine factory founded in 1938 and Vedi wine factory, founded in 1956. Preserving the traditions of Armenian winemaking, over the years we aimed to cultivate them, adding new flavors to the rich variety of tastes. Today we produce more than 40 alcoholic beverages: different vodkas, strong drinks with fruit and berry, cognac, dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet high quality wines, which are highly demanded from consumers. Our company is constantly beholding international development of winemaking tendency and continually rearms industrial technology. The approval of that are the grape processing and product bottling newest equipment inlaid in production. We guarantee the highest quality of our products. Excellences, which we could achieve from the hard work of our company’s specialists and the integration of new technologies. Another guarantee of our success are the 150 hectare fields of native grape sorts in Vayots Dzor and Ararat valley, which are located 800-1300 above sea level, on hilly lands. The “Vedi-Alco” is desired brand not only in Armenia, but also at abroad. In International taste competitions our products won more than 90 gold, silver and bronze rewards.
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